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The website runninglovers.gr is the online shop (e-shop) "SKARAKIS EVANGELOS-SPORTING GOODS " with the distinctive title "On by Chania Running Store" based in Chania, 60 Kissamou Str. 73131, VAT No. 100632067,  Tel: 28210-02300 and e-mail info@runninglovers.gr. Our primary concern is to quote the terms governing the rights and obligations of the runninglovers.gr website to all of you who visit our website and who are responsible for informing you of your rights and obligations and your best service in search and purchase the products you want to buy from the store.


Runninglovers.gr  provides visitors / users e-commerce services, in accordance with the provisions of existing domestic legislation (Decree 131/2003) and EU law. The existing and any new services included in runninglovers.gr subject to these terms of use, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The visitor / user is responsible for access to runninglovers.gr services and the access may require payment of fees to third parties (eg service providers internet, charging time in internet). The visitor / user is solely responsible for payment of related fees


If the visitor / user wants to register in the service / s of runninglovers.gr agrees to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about the data requested by runninglovers.gr ,requests for access to content / services and maintain and thoroughly inform the registration data to keep true, accurate, reliable, current and complete.


runninglovers.gr provides users with membership services, after accepting the terms of use of the site and completion of their registration. Once the visitor / user completes the registration process, will receive a personal confirmation code (password) to access and use of the name (user name) that he would appoint. Members remain solely responsible for all activities that occur under your personal password, name, and generally use their account (user account). Members agree to immediately notify runninglovers.gr for any unauthorized use of their account and any action and / or potential security breach. Also, members are solely responsible for the careful use of their account and formal exit from their account at the end of each session (Logout). runninglovers.gr is not responsible for any damage or breakage resulting from the inability of States to respect and follow this provision.


Runninglovers.gr reserves the right to modify and / or discontinue temporarily or permanently, part or all runninglovers.gr services by notifying or not the users / members.

The user / member understands and accepts that runninglovers.gr reserves the exclusive right to discontinue the use of the access codes to services and / or to discontinue the availability of content to users or members who believe they have violated the letter and the spirit of these terms of use.


Except for specified exceptions (copyright of third parties and affiliates), all runninglovers.gr content, including images, graphics, photographs, texts, services and all the files on this website are copyright, trademarks and service marks of runninglovers.gr are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international treaties. Therefore, none of them can not be wholly or partially subject to sale, copying, reproduction, republication or downloaded, transmitted or distributed in any way.

Excluding the case of saving a single copy of the contents to a personal computer for personal, non-commercial use and without deletion of the indication of origin from runninglovers.gr, without affecting in any way on intellectual and industrial property. All other products or services listed in the pages of this website bear the marks of their respective organizations, companies, partners, associations and publications, are their intellectual and industrial property and therefore they bear the responsibility. 


The contents of runninglovers.gr provided "as is" without any warranty expressed or implied in any way.

runninglovers.gr is not guaranteed that the pages, services, options and content will be uninterrupted or error free. Also  is not guaranteed that the same or server (servers) which is available to users / members is free of viruses or other harmful components. runninglovers.gr has no warranty for the accuracy, completeness or availability of content, web services, options or results.


Runninglovers.gr provides its visitors / users with e-commerce services in accordance with the specific terms and conditions set by it and with the care of protecting the personal data they submit for the use of these services. Runninglovers.gr is not responsible for the quality of the goods acquired through e-commerce services and the transaction is solely for the visitor / user and for the provider of goods or services. Consequently, under any circumstances, runninglovers.gr may not involve a legal dispute arising out of this transaction .


Under the legislation, the user has the right to withdraw from the market through runninglovers.gr by a declaration addressed to the to bussiness headquartered in Chania Crete, kissamou 60 Str.,73131, within 14 days from the receipt of products.

You may cancel your order in any of the following phases:

a) Before receiving the product ordered – you may cancel your order by sending an e-mail at the web address info@runninglovers.gr or calling +302821002300 (business hours). In case the cancelation takes place after your order is dispatched you will be asked to pay the total transport costs which equal to 10 euros. That is 5 euro for the product being sent from us to you and another 5 euro for the product being sent back to us from you.

b) After receiving the product ordered, you may activate the withdrawal option within 14 days since the day you received the product.

However, it is vitally essential for you to be able to return a product, that every prerequisite – mentioned :

•There should be no damages inflicted and their packaging should be the one that accompanies the product itself.

•They should be in perfect condition (including their official packaging or wrapping)

•They should be accompanied by every proper document they were received with (receipt, invoice etc.)

If the aforementioned prerequisites are met, you may send the product back to us in order for it to be replaced. Otherwise, we reserve the right to decline the product return.

You have the right to return a product and receive a full refund. The refund is always based on the price, the product had on the day of the initial transaction. It is reminded that the total transport costs, which equal to 10 euros, are always subtracted from the refund (5 euro for the product being sent from us to you and another 5 euro for the product being sent back to us from you).  The transport cost is free of charge for all customers who do not use the withdrawal option. The amount of the returned money will be deposited by our company within 14 working days, starting from the day we get the returned products and when all prerequisites for our return policy are fully met.

We would like to remind you that a refund is possible only when the customer uses the withdrawal option. In case of a product return/replacement with another of lower cost, you will be given a discount coupon equal to the difference of the price of the 2 products. In this case you will be also charged the transport cost of the new product which is 5 euros, as it is described on section “How to return a product”.

If (including returns also) you choose to return the product using another Courier than ACS courier Greece you will be charged the initial shipping costs which is equal to 5 euros plus the shipping costs for the returning products.

In case you place an order and choose to decline it upon delivery, you will be asked to pay the total transport costs which equal to 10 euro. That is 5 euro for the product being sent from us to you and another 5 euro for the product being sent back to us from you.

How to return a product

You have the right to return a product within 14 days since the day you received it and ask for its replacement with another product or a different size. It should be underlined that the date written on the courier’s receipt is considered as the delivery date for the returned product, for deadline verification purposes. 

In case a product is returned in Greece (for instance a potential change) is free for products value over 50€,else customers are required to pay 5 euro. 

In case of a product return from abroad, transport costs are fully covered by the person who returns the product. It is noted that in the case the customer requires a refund to a bank outside Greece, the refund is calculated based on the price the product had the date of the initial transaction. The transport cost and the expenses for the bank transfer are always paid by the customer .

In any case, returned products should be in the exact condition in which they were when received by the customer. This includes:

•There should be no damages inflicted and their packaging should be the one that accompanies the product itself.

•They should be in perfect condition (including their official packaging or wrapping)

•They should be accompanied by every proper document they were received with (receipt, invoice etc.)

If the aforementioned prerequisites are met, you may send the product back to us in order for it to be replaced. Otherwise, we reserve the right to decline the product return.

The product return process is particularly simple :

1. Access the "Orders history" section of his or her account.

2. Select the order from which he wants to return an item by clicking on "Details".

3. Select the product(s) that you wish to return by checking the box next to its name(s).

4. Add the quantity that need to be returned (in case more than one product need to be returned).

5. In the "Merchandise return" section, add an explanation, in order for the shop team to better understand why you want to return this product.

6. Click on "Request a return".The return request appears  in the “Merchandise Returns" page. At first, the return request has the "Waiting for confirmation" status.

    Once you get confirmation the status will change from '' Waiting for confirmation '' to '' Waiting for package ''.

    Τhen you can send the product back to us in this address :  

    On by Chania Running Store,

    kissamou 60,

    Chania 73131,



    Caution ! the product must be returned with  ACS courier with charge of receiver (our charge), else customer have to pay the cost of return                                                                                                       

    When we receive the product status will change to '' Package received '' and you will receive a promo code ,with the value of the returned product, to your account  


    Once you have received the voucher ,you can start a new order and enter the promo code in the appropriate field .  


    Product return process can also procced via a phone call to us  2821002300.


    It is noted that the replacements always take into account the current price of the product as well as the extra cost of the transport. In case the replacement product has a lower price than the one you are returning, you will be given a discount coupon, equal to the difference of the two products. A refund for the above case is not possible.

    Return of Defective/Damaged Products

    In cases where runninglovres.gr can be held evidently liable for selling products that may be either defective or of poor quality, or have been falsely included in an order, or have been mispriced, or they have suffered any damages during transport, or they have come with a poor packaging etc., then runninglovres.gr is fully responsible for replacing the product and covering both the transport costs for the product being sent back (the required delivery charge will be deposited to a bank account suggested by the customer) as well as that for the product being resent to the customer. 

    In order for our company to check if the product is defected, you have to send us photos of it via email at info@runninglovers.gr.If you send us the product without following the procedure above, hou have to pay for all shipping costs including those that might be occured.Also our company has the right to deny receiving the above product.

    Return conditions remain the same as those mentioned above.


    Runninglovres.gr reserves the right to modify at any time and without warning, unilaterally content and data which are contained on it’s website and related products available through it.


    These terms and conditions of runninglovres.gr use , and any amendments thereto, are governed and complemented by Greek law, EU law and international treaties. Any provision of these terms, contrary to the law ceases to apply and remove from the present, without any affect to the validity of other conditions. This constitutes the entire agreement between runninglovres.gr and the visitor / user pages and  services and binds only them. No modification of these terms should be taken into account and be a part of this agreement, unless expressed in writing and incorporated in it.



    Runlovers.gr is the person responsible for processing the personal data of the visitor / registered user and checks the processing of his / her data in the online services pages of runninglovers.gr.

    To process its data as described below, runninglovers.gr is based on the following legal bases:

    • Execution of a contract: In order for the visitor / registered customer to complete his orders at runlovers.gr it is necessary to process the personal data he provides when registering and entering his order in the order entry form and the record its transactions.

    • Legitimate interests: The processing of personal data is necessary to improve the detection of a fraud attempt and to safeguard its legitimate interests.

    • Consent - Consent: Registered customers are required to express their explicit consent to the following editing purposes: sending informative / promotional messages and solely based on automated processing of their consumer behavior (profiles).

    Update, editing and processing purposes:

    Runlovers.gr informs the visitor / registered user and the visitor / registered user acknowledges that he / she is aware of the following:

     Processing of Personal Data: This will process the personal data of the visitor / registered user as declared by him / her when creating his / her account and his / her order in the registration form in order to complete the specific order through of our online store. Furthermore, if the visitor / registered user has given his / her consent to runlovers.gr. he / she will be able to process his or her personal data for the purpose of sending commercial information and promotional messages and / or for the preparation of a customer's purchasing profile and for improving the management of its customer base and the operation of its online store.

     Electronic Orders, Types of Personal Data and Processing Purposes:

     Basic editing

    The user / customer has the option of choosing 2 ways to complete an online order and declare his / her personal data:

    1. Visitor: In this case, the visitor / client's personal data will be retained in the files of runninglovers.gr. until the completion and delivery of its specific order, except for transaction data for tax purposes, and their processing will only concern the execution of the sales contract.

    2. As a registered user of the e-shop: In this case, the customer / user has created a user account in our online store and his / her personal data will be retained in the company's records until he / she requests their deletion. The user / customer can at any time alter or correct his / her data by logging in to his / her login page with his user name and password.

    In order to execute any transaction through the online shop "runninglovers.gr" and to make orders for products we request:

    • the full name

    • the shipping address of the products

    • the billing address of the order (if different from the shipping address)

    • the number of a communication telephone

    • the customer's e-mail address.

    In case a product is requested to be delivered to a third party other than the guest / registered user, the latter acknowledges that he will have full responsibility for the information and the full consent of the person who designates the recipient to communicate his or her personal data in runninglovers.gr for the sole purpose of delivering to it, of the relevant products and assumes full responsibility for any claims of this person against runninglovers.gr.

    Credit card details are not stored in storage during the transaction but are recorded directly in a secure environment of the cooperating Bank (Piraeus).

    The purpose of the basic data processing is to execute the contract and to complete the specific order, to communicate with the client-user and to send information messages regarding the stages of the order processing, to provide details on the order and generally the information for purchases made, the delivery of the order to the user-client selection area, the confirmation and identification of the user in all necessary cases and the updating of the existing matter. The visitor / registered user is informed that the provision of such mandatory personal data as well as the details of his / her transactions are necessary and are a prerequisite for the proper execution of the order for the delivery and delivery of the products and services. Therefore, client consent is not required for this particular processing.

    Every client who uses runninglovers.gr is informed that his personal data regarding the download, execution and delivery of orders as well as inquiries about purchases, products and orders at runlovers.gr will be processed for the purpose of servicing the users of customers both by the officers of runninglovers.gr and by the third party recipients and / or performing the processing on behalf of it in order to execute an order. These third recipients are transport companies, individual or group missions with which runninglovers.gr works. and who are subject to the strict strict conditions of processing of personal data. Runninglovers.gr requires its employees, website maintainers and third party partners to take all necessary technical and organizational measures (including appropriate policies and procedures to prevent the disclosure of personal data of visitors / subscribers of its clients who process and dispose and apply procedures for the processing and processing of personal data in a manner that is lawful and protects them under the GDPR.).

     Processes requiring consent

    In order to send to the registered user user of commercial information and promotional messages from runninglovers.gr, the registered user / client must have previously given his explicit consent.

    The purpose of processing this registered user's data is to send commercially promotional messages of runninglovers.gr and / or third parties to the registered user, the provision of special offers and discounts of runninglovers.gr, the availability of new or alternatives. You may at any time revoke this consent and do not receive such communications from runninglovers.gr by sending your request via email to info@runninglovers.gr.

    Runlovers.gr also informs its registered user / customer that it can process its personal data and conduct surveys to improve its services to registered users / customers. As part of this processing, runninglovers.gr has the ability to record their needs, to proceed with the necessary actions to promote its products and services in order to improve the management of its clientele and to promote its products. In order for registered users / customers to receive personalized bids and updates based on the purchases they have made at the company's online store, they should give their consent to the purely automated processing analysis of their consumer behavior (profile training) and more specifically of the following data generated by client-user transactions:

    - Products purchased at runlovers.gr

    - Frequency of visits to runlovers.gr

    - Products that he has placed in his basket or favorite list at runlovers.gr

    - Demographics he has declared at runlovers.gr

    - Years of staying as a registered user at runninglovers.gr

    - Participation in promotions

    - Expenditure made on purchase at runninglovers.gr

    - Historical orders at runninglovers.gr

    The purpose of this specific processing is to optimize the buyers' experience of registered users, their personal reward, the communication of products and services tailored to the needs of the customer base and the reception by registered users of personalized offers and updates that concern them directly as well as the invitation to participate, whether or not rewarded, in surveys for the formation of the website of runninglovers.gr, for the evaluation of market trends and for the evaluation tion of products and services based on purchases he has made.

    The visitor / registered customer is informed that his / her personal data may be processed by runninglovers.gr even without his / her consent if his / her obligations are fulfilled by law, such as when the relevant data are requested by the tax and banking authorities in control frameworks or the competent supervisory and judicial authorities.

    Data subject's rights: Any registered user, as a data subject, may at any time exercise his rights as provided for in the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016. and in particular Articles 12 to 23 thereof and national legislation, and in particular:

    i) the right to update and access the data processed by runninglovers.gr,

    (ii) the right to limit the processing of his data,

    (iii) the right to rectify or delete part or all (right to privacy) of his or her personal data,

    (iv) the right of objection, ie to object to the processing of his or her personal data, and

    (v) the right to the portability of his or her data.

    In exercising these rights, the member can do so:

    • directly online through his personal account at runninglovers.gr

    • submitting a request to info@runninglovers.gr


    For the right of access to and correction / completion of personal data, the company allows the registered users of runninglovers.gr to view, correct / supplement their personal data through their personal account

    For the portability of personal data, the company enables registered users to receive their personal data.

    Every registered user is informed that he has the right to withdraw his consent for any processing of the data he has given his consent to the runninglovers.gr by sending an e-mail to info@runninglovers.gr

    In the event of the exercise of any of the above mentioned rights of the registered user, runninglovers.gr will take every possible action to satisfy the request within (1) one month of its submission. In this case, a registered user-user is informed that the minimum necessary from his personal data will be retained, in order to safeguard the legitimate interests of the company.

    Privacy Date: The data of the registered customer will be maintained and processed until the registered customer requests the deletion of his account or for any processing of his or her data under his / her consent until he / she declares the withdrawal of the consent for the purpose of providing services of runninglovers.gr. However, some necessary personal data regarding his / her dealings with runninglovers.gr as well as informing, consenting and withdrawing his / her consent to the processing of his / her data will remain as information for the registered user-customer to ensure proof of the lawfulness of the processing of his data by runninglovers.gr and the safeguarding of the legal claims of the parties.

    Runlovers.gr states that no other use of the personal data of the visitor / registered user will be for purposes other than those mentioned in this policy without prior notice and, where appropriate, consent.


    In our site we use Cookies.

    Runlovers.gr maintains a rigorous policy to protect the privacy of visitors to the runlovers.gr site. With this note, we provide you with more information on how we use cookies and other automated means to collect specific information about visitors to our sites, such as the number of visitors to our websites and our most visited web sites , through any browser and device used. By collecting this information, we learn how to better adapt our websites and our advertising to our visitors.

    Cookies and other automated means for data collection


    Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device by using any browser when you visit a website. Cookies can be used to us

    for example, if you've visited our site in the past or if you are a new visitor, and help us to identify features

    of our website, for which you may be most interested. Cookies can improve your online experience by saving your preferences as you visit a specific website.

    IP addresses and URLs

    The IP address is a unique locator that uses certain electronic devices to identify and communicate with each other on the Internet. When you visit our web pages, we can see the IP address of the device you used to connect to the Internet. We use this information to determine the general geographic location of the device and to understand from which geographical areas the visitors of our website come from. We may use this information to change the way our website is presented to improve your visit.

    The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a unique identifier or address for every medium on the web, and basically it is the address of the website you are visiting. We will use this information to see which websites have traffic and how you navigate our site.

    Which Cookies Do We Use?

    On our websites we use the following cookies:

    Absolutely necessary cookies

    The absolutely necessary cookies are essential to the proper functioning of the site, allow you to browse and use its features such as access to secure sites, registration forms, favorites list, shopping cart use and security. These cookies do not recognize your individual identity. Without these cookies, we can not provide our site with effective functionality.

    Performance and Analysis Cookies

    These cookies collect information about how visitors use the site, which pages they visit more often, and whether they receive error messages from webpages. These cookies collect aggregate, anonymous information that does not identify a visitor. They are used solely to improve the performance of a website and allow us to collect information about the use you make on our websites, including the content you choose when browsing our websites, in order to measure the effectiveness and interaction of consumers with website as well as improving our pages over time. These cookies can be provided to us by third-party analytics tool providers but are only used for purposes related to our web sites.

    For example: https: //developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs ...

    Our company, in order to provide the best possible service quality to the consumer, uses the Skroutz Analytics service. Through this service anonymous usage statistics are posted to Skroutz.gr, while the data obtained through this service is covered by the Skroutz.gr privacy policy, which can be found at https://www.skroutz.gr/privacy.

    Targeting / advertising cookies

    These cookies are used to provide content that best suits you and your interests. They can be used to send targeted ads / bids, limit ad impressions, or measure an ad campaign's effectiveness. These cookies can be used to remember the websites you've visited to determine which online marketing channels are most effective and allow us to reward external websites and partners who promoted you to us.

    How Can You Disable the Use of Cookies?

    If you wish to enable or disable the use of cookies from your browser settings, please visit the following web pages, depending on your browser, to learn about the necessary actions.

    Internet Explorer http://support.microsoft.com/kb/278835

    Firefox http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/delete-cookies-remove-info-websites-stored

    Chrome http://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=en

    Opera http://www.opera.com/browser/tutorials/security/privacy/

    Safari http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5042

    Safari for iPad and iPhone http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1677

    Security Statement

    runninglovres.gr recognizes the importance of the issue of security of electronic transactions and has taken all necessary measures to ensure the maximum safety. All information related to the personal information of users safeguarded as confidential.

    Runninglovres.gr is using the protocol SSL, encrypted by 256-bit, in order to secure online trading. In this way encrypts all your personal information, including credit card number, name and address, so that they can not be read or changed during the transfer over the Internet.

    The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), has been adopted worldwide as the safest protocol for the certification of websites (web sites) to Web users - and to encrypt data between network users and network servers (web servers). An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a client and a server (server) be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, protecting personal information during transmission.  In addition, all information sent by the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically checks whether the data have been changed in transit.

    The user information (name, occupation, address, home address, etc.) and transactions for users of the shop are restricted, as in ordinary commercial transactions in the store.

    Users in the supply of components in their trade as with this, will be informed by runninglovres.gr and acquiesce and accept the impending data processing this personal data for the purpose of smooth and simple transaction between the parties, as well as the data transmission to recipients who will be specifically identified, officials and cooperated departures with the company in the handling of the contract drawn up. Also in this disclosed the existence of the rights and the right to object to Article 12 and 13 of Law 2472/1997.

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