THE ROGER Clubhouse

The third tennis-inspired sneaker to join the collection co-created with Roger Federer.

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Limited special offer
145,00 € (με Φ.Π.Α.). 159,00 €
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On models are straight forward. In most cases, you just take the same size as your current shoes. Should you wish to compare with another running shoe brand, please use below guide to clarify your size. 
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  • THE ROGER Clubhouse
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  • THE ROGER Centre Court
  • THE ROGER Clubhouse
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Go Bold

Meet the most expressive member of THE ROGER collection. THE ROGER Clubhouse gives you nostalgic look with the comfort of next-gen tech. With a nod to the nineties, overlays give you a little more sneaker than you get with other shoes in the series. In short, this is THE ROGER you wear to make a statement.


Made Unmissable

Added layers of vegan leather for texture. Extra stitching and perforation for just the right amount of retro. Color options that break all Wimbledon rules. THE ROGER Clubhouse goes all-in on comfort and all-out on design.


Keep Playing

Ready for long days and late nights. With the 24/7 ultralight comfort of our CloudTec® cushioning and the kick of the hidden Speedboard®, this high-energy off-court sneaker performs long after the court is closed.

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Ιδανικό για
Everyday wear, urban exploration, travel
295 g
6 mm
All-day wear
Total recycled content: about 5%, Polyester: about 25% recycled

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Το αγαπημένο από τους On-fan  έγινε αδιάβροχο. Ανασχεδιασμένο με βελτιωμένη εφαρμογή, μεγαλύτερη άνεση και πιο βιώσιμα υλικά .

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